Lincoln Airport

Lincoln Nebraska has a long and colorful history as the home of the men, women, and machines of the air.


This webpage was intended to be a history of the Lincoln Air Force Base, but there’s a better site at  So I changed this over to be a brief account of specific items of aviation mainly dealing with Lincoln, Nebraska, but topics from any part of the state may be included.  It is not intended to be a complete history of anything.  If you have items to add, please feel free to do so.  E-mail me at jeffrey892 at gmail dot com.

post-2156-1220309642 lincoln ne
A Curtis P-40 stationed at Lincoln Army Air Field in the 1940’s
va-t6-02-cr2-12 laaf
A North American T-6C-NT, 41-33042 Texan at Lincoln Army Air Field during the 1940’s.  Notice the LI42 number on the side.  Another T-6 sits in the hangar behind the tail.  This photo provides great detail of the hangar doors.


va-t6-03-crfx2-12 laaf
Two more T-6’s can be seen in this photo.  One in front of the hangar and one out near the flight line to the right.  Seems odd that the gate is open.
va-c47-01-crfx-12 laaf
A Douglas C-47 hear gate 2.  There are three AT-11 Kansans to the left of the C-47. 
A view of the Lincoln Army Air Field during 1946.  


One thought on “Lincoln Airport

  1. wandering thru and found b47E 213 was the last 47 to leave LAFB in ’65. I worked on that AC as a bomb/nav tech.before going to school and being assigned to Westover AFB. Still have the bebrefing paper works and the main page of the ‘Jet Scoop’ which had the pic and included the wing or base comander.. Those were the days…..


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