Lincoln Airports in 1929

Three airports in Lincoln during 1929.  Lincoln Municipal Airport, Arrow Airport, and Page Airport to the South.  Page Airport had no specific runway.  In the old days you just landed into the wind.

I see Oak Lake is there during 1929.  I wonder when that was built.

It looks like the Southern border of Lincoln was South Street in this photo.  The East border looks like either 48th or 56th Street.

1929 Airway Bulletin

LAFB Tower and Fire Station

Circa early 1970’s showing the Operations Building, tower, and fire station.  The three door frames for the fire trucks are still there and currently hold windows for a lunchroom.  The rest of the building has been added on with a large warehouse to the North and West, and is currently being used by Duncan Aviation.  The fire truck doors that exit to the East are still there.Tower and Duncan West