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NAS Lincoln

Avengers, Corsairs, and some KC-97’s in the photos taken on the West side of the airport.  In addition, there’s one lone T-6 Texan.  The KC-97’s were the first to arrive at the air base in the middle fifties and the Navy utilized the old WW2 hangars on the west side of the field.

Some photos from


LAFB Douglas C-47B-15-DK 43-49507

Mr. Marion Brown contacted me today (February 15, 2019) to give me the information he has gathered on the C-47 (Douglas C-47B-15-DK) gate guardian in the photo below.  This is the C-47 that was on display at Lincoln Air Force Base.


It’s great to hear the aircraft is still around.  It’s actually in the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio.  The history of the aircraft from James Baugher’s website is:

49507 (MSN 26768) 11/44: TOS USAAF.

By 1/47:  233rd Base Unit, Ft. Worth Army Air Field, TX.

                                      9/18/47: TOS USAF

                                      Ca.1954: converted to C-47D.


1950s: 307th Bomb Wing (Medium), Lincoln AFB, NE.

By 1970: 834th Tactical Composite Wing, Hurlburt Field, FL.  Jun 30, 1975 transferred to WPAFB Museum (painted as C-47A 43-15174).  Was last C-47 in USAF service and had 20821 hours total time.

1987: Restored in the markings of 43-15174 of the 88th Troop Carrier Squadron, 438th Troop Carrier Group, 53rd Troop Carrier Wing, US 9th Air Force. 

After 2010: Markings were changed to represent the C-47A flown by 2nd Lt. Gerald C. Berry of 91st Troop Carrier Squadron 439th Troop Carrier Group, to recover gliders on D-Day.


The Air Force Museum has the following information on the aircraft:

The C-47D on display, the last C-47 in routine USAF use, flew to the museum in 1975. It is painted and marked to represent the C-47A flown by 2nd Lt. Gerald “Bud” C. Berry of the 91st Troop Carrier Squadron, 439th Troop Carrier Group, to recover gliders used in the invasion of France on D-Day, June 6, 1944. “Snatched” from the ground in Normandy, the gliders were towed back to England for reuse. On March 22, 1945, Lt. Berry used that aircraft to “snatch” a glider filled with wounded soldiers at Remagen, Germany.


Update on Lincoln’s Corsair, 146417

I found a photo of the Navy F9F Cougar aircraft that was on display in Pioneers Park in Lincoln, Nebraska, for a while.  The gentleman in the photo is Bob Miller, a Pioneers Park worker, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.  This aircraft was procured as a replacement of the Corsair.

Appears the wings were chopped off, indicating this photo may have been taken after it’s removal from the park.  Photo date is approximately 1978.

Navy BuNo is 146417 which makes it a Grumman F9F-8T Cougar, Model G-105. Redesignated TF-9J in 1962.  337 of this model were built. VT-25 was a navy training squadron.

Photo credit the Lincoln Journal Star.

Pioneer Park F9F from LJS



146417, survives today in McMinnville, Oregon.  This is 146416, a sister ship.


146417 today