Lincoln Airport

Lincoln Nebraska has a long and colorful history as the home of the men, women, and machines of the air.


This webpage was intended to be a history of the Lincoln Air Force Base, but there’s a better site at  So I changed this over to be a brief account of specific items of aviation mainly dealing with Lincoln, Nebraska, but topics from any part of the state may be included.  It is not intended to be a complete history of anything.  If you have items to add, please feel free to do so.  E-mail me at jeffrey892 at gmail dot com.

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A Curtis P-40 stationed at Lincoln Army Air Field in the 1940’s
va-t6-02-cr2-12 laaf
A North American T-6C-NT, 41-33042 Texan at Lincoln Army Air Field during the 1940’s.  Notice the LI42 number on the side.  Another T-6 sits in the hangar behind the tail.  This photo provides great detail of the hangar doors.


va-t6-03-crfx2-12 laaf
Two more T-6’s can be seen in this photo.  One in front of the hangar and one out near the flight line to the right.  Seems odd that the gate is open.
va-c47-01-crfx-12 laaf
A Douglas C-47 hear gate 2.  There are three AT-11 Kansans to the left of the C-47. 
A view of the Lincoln Army Air Field during 1946.