Major Richard D. Weast

Dick lived in my hometown in Kansas, so this is not Nebraska aviation related, but a nice story.  Dick was one of those World War Two veterans who rarely talked about their experience in the war.  As a high school student, I worked in a gas station when they were full service, and Dick would stop by once a week for me to fill up his little green MG.  I talked with Dick many times and he never mentioned that he was a P-51 pilot in the war.  My dad told me later that Dick was a pilot.  I questioned him next time I saw him and he gave me a couple photos of him during the war.  Luckily I kept them and after going through a box of photos, I found the one here.  It shows Dick and his F-6 (a photo recon verions of the P-51) named “Mazie, Me and Monk.”  I regret I never asked him what that meant.

Dick would have been in his mid to late 50’s when I knew him and he worked at the local rock quarry.

“Mazie, Me and Monk” was also the mount of Capt. E. B. “Blacky” Travis (9th Air Force, probably the 9th Recon Group), who earned a Silver Star (General Order No. 44, 1945) when he flew this mustang over the Battle of the Bulge to take photos for General Patton.

  • Major Richard Dean Weast, USAAF
  • Born November 20, 1920
  • Died February 25, 1998
Guessing was around ’44-’45 so Dick would have been 23-24 years old in the photo.

Dick’s gravestone and marker:

4 thoughts on “Major Richard D. Weast

  1. Great story!
    To answer your question about the meaning of “Mazie, Me and Monk,” Capt E. B. “Blackie” Travis named the aircraft after his wife, himself and his crew chief S/Sgt “Monk” Davidson as referenced in Tom Ivies book Pattons Eyes in the Sky ISBN 1-903223-26-1 on page 89.
    I also have an excerpt from the 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron diary explaining the same. If you like, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you a digital scan of the diary excerpt.


    • Hi my dad, Albert Wilson was a plane mechanic. He had a picture of Maze me and monk. My father said he was the “me”. I’ve been trying to of nd out more information.


      • Debra, that’s interesting about the ‘Me.’ Dick never told me much about the name on the airplane. I’m not even sure he named the airplane, but he did fly it. I wish I knew more about it than what I wrote in the story. Do you still have that photo? Would you be interested in allowing me to put it in the story if you do?

        Jeff King


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