Inside the Nose Docks

The first three images are of the drawings in the upper Southwest ‘office’ area in the Northwestern most nose docks at the air base.

The fourth photo is of the actual ‘office’ in the nose docks.

The fifth photo is the door at the top of the stairs to the ‘office’.

The sixth photo is looking down the stairway.

The seventh photo is of the nose dock door.

The last photo is of the Onera Porto drawing.




Some Low Res Photos of the Base

The first photo was taken in 1945 and shows two Beechcraft D-18’s on the ramp and a hangar in the background.  The originals are in the Nebraska Historical Society if you want to take the time to look them up.  The number on the photo is:  RG2183.1945.0545-4.

1945 LAAF flightline


  • The next photo was taken October 16, 1950 and shows the four World War 2 hangars looking to the Northwest.  There are several airplanes on the ramp and the original shows
  • 2 TBM Avengers
  • 1 F8F Bearcat
  • 2 F6F Hellcats
  • 5 T-6’s
  • 2 Beech D-18’s
  • 1 Beechcraft Bonanza

The original is in the Nebraska State Historical Society and is print number RG2183:1950-1016-6.  The South hangar says U.S. Naval Air Station.

Flightline 1950


The next photo shows the Lincoln Air Force Base before the housing in Air Park was completed.  The two water towers are built, you can see the curved entrance to the base, and there are several B-47’s and KC-97’s on the ramp.  The photo says it was taken from an altitude of 3000 feet.  There is no print number.

In the print I have you can see the two large hangars, but only two of the original WW2 hangars are there.  The two south hangars are gone.

Four rows of KC-97’s line the North end of the ramp, followed by five rows of B-47’s, then four rows of KC-97’s.

There is a note on my print that says ’58 so I’m guessing the photo was taken in 1958.

LAFB before housing was built