Lincoln Army Air Field

8th airforce lincoln nebraska letterhead

Lincoln Army Air Field was completed on August 29, 1942 on the site of the original Lincoln Municipal Airport at a cost of $18 million dollars. It was built to accommodate 16,480 troops and 300 officers. The base was established as a technical school to train enlisted men of the Army Air Forces in the inspection and maintenance of fighter planes, engines, and accessories.




Huskerville photo.jpg
Partial view of Lincoln Army Air Field looking Southeast

Lincoln Army Air Field was activated May 18, 1942 as a unit of the Army Air Forces Technical Training Command. Its parent station was Chanute Field, IL. An Airplane mechanic school began classes there on July 6, 1942. The first commander of the base was Col. Early E. W. Duncan while the director of training was Col. Alfred T. Johnson. Peak enrollment at the mechanical school was in November of 1942 at 10,239 steadily decreasing to only 4,841 in September of 1943.

LAAF headquarters
Lincoln Army Air Field Headquarters
A view of the flight line at Lincoln in 1946.  This view is looking W/NW.
A photo from a pamphlet about the Lincoln Army Air Force Base
A photo showing an early P-51 Mustang and a lot of mechanics

Army T-6 at army air base


An early Lockheed P-38 at Lincoln Army Air Base.  Notice the engines both rotate to the right.  Later P-38 engines were counter rotating.
A Curtis P-47 near the Control Tower



lincoln army air base

laaf airplane mechanic.jpg


Mechanics maintaining the rudder on what I would guess is a Curtis P-47
photo 2 (1)
All that’s left of the four large wooden hangars are the door tracks.
photo 2a
A view from ‘inside’ one of the WW2 hangars
photo 3
Door tracks from the WW2 hangars
photo 3b
Some tile left over from one of the WW2 hangars