UFO’s in Lincoln

A UFO report dated 13 February 1957 at Lincoln Air Force Base.  The official report lists this sighting as ‘Possible Aircraft, Probably Balloon‘ (balloons normally didn’t have red lights on them, jlk).


  • CIRVIS REPORT is short for Communications Instructions Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings.

What Sightings Will Be Reported:   Air Force personnel will report by rapid communication procedures all unidentifiable, suspicious, or hostile land, air, or seaborne traffic which – because of its nature, course, or actions – must be considered a threat to the security of the US or Canada. Such reporting will serve to extend the early warning defense system for the US and Canada.

Who saw the UFO’s?

  • Colonel Robert B. Nowell, Pilot, Director of Operations, 98th Bomb Wing, 41 years old
  • M/Sgt George W. Le Roy Jr., NCOIC CGA Operations, 36 years old
  • S/Sgt Jay B Gore, Air Traffic Control Specialist, 26 years old
  • A/2C Thomas V Prudden, Control Tower Operator, 21 years old
  • A/3C Calvin L Oium, Control Tower Operator, 18 years old



The official Project Blue Book Report:


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