Last Plane Out

The last plane out was B-47E-130-BW, tail number 53-4213, leaving Lincoln Air Force Base on December 7, 1965.

Read the story on the restoration of this B-47 here:

The restoration of 53-4213

last plane out 4213 scanned better.gif
B-47E 53-4213 leaving Lincoln for Wichita, KS


The aircraft did not, however, follow the rest of the bombers to Davis Montham.

The USAF presented the B-47E to the city of Wichita as an “Air Memorial” and was flown to the  Wichita Airport for display. After sitting for over a year at the airport, the City of Wichita mounted the  aircraft on a concrete pole on the Wast side of town, just to the South of hi-way 54.

b-47 west wichita 1960s
53-4213 as it looked after mounted on a pole on West 54 Hi-Way on the West edge of Wichita, KS


The aircraft is currently on display at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas after being removed from the  pole in 1988 and a restoration in 1999.

The aircraft was manufactured by Boeing Aircraft, Wichita, Kansas, and delivered to the USAF on  March 26, 1956. It was the 1007th of over 2042 B-47 Stratojets produced by Boeing. It was assigned to the 308th Bombardment (Medium) Wing of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) at Hunter Air Force Base (AFB), Georgia. The aircraft was then made its way to the 98th Bombardment Wing at Lincoln.

I took the following photograph years ago at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas.

53-4213 today
53-4213 as it looks today at McConnell Air Force Base.  I had to have special permission to enter the base and was escorted by security the whole time, jlk.