Nebraska Air National Guard P-80’s

Nebraska ANG P-80’s in the hangar for maintenance.  In the foreground is P-80B-1-LO, 45-8707.  In the background is P-80A-1-LO, 44-85333, later upgraded to a P-80C-11-LO.  This photo shows the updated C version with the new tip tanks.  Date of photo unknown to me.

On an interesting note, the rear P-80 was 285 aircraft after Richard Bong’s P-80 that crashed near Burbank Airport, killing the top scoring U.S. fighter pilot.  His death came on the same day the A bomb was dropped on Japan.  Cause of the crash?  A faulty fuel pump.

On another interesting note, the foreground P-80 has a sister that survives in California.  45-8704, just three B.U. numbers earlier, is on display in Sacramento, California.  45-8704 has the old style wing tip tanks while this one has the newer ‘T-33″ style tanks.



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